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May Meaning Meeting - 2013

The May Meaning Meeting 2012, June 11-13, Sponsored by the University of Michigan and Yale SOM - The Lodge at Nordman Lake

Tuesday, June 11

12:00- 2:00                Arrivals and Catching up with Old and New Friends

2:00-3:00                   Kickoff

                                 Introductions and Opening

3:00-4:00                   Sally Maitlis and Feng Liu

                                 “Changing Plans: Emotional Dynamics in the Construction of a Strategic Plan”

4:00-5:00                   Emily Heaphy

                                 “Boundary Work and the Relational Work of Sensemaking”

5:00-5:15                   Break

5:15-6:15                   Jamboree Session 1

Jean Bartunek

“The Challenge of Translating Academic Research into Practice”

Shasa Dobrow

“Reflections on Calling Experiments: A Manipulation Success Story”            

Doug Lepisto and Mike Pratt

“Leading for Meaningful Work”

Ryan Quinn

“Designing Field Experiments: Empowerment in Disempowering Situations and Learning From Success”

6:15-7:15                   Dinner

7:15- 8:15                  Jamboree Session 2

Jane Dutton, Ashley Hardin and Kristina Workman

“Pain-full Attention: The Challenges of Noticing Suffering at Work”

Ante Glavas

“Corporate Social Responsibility: The Mediating Role of Meaningful Passion and Values Congruence at Work”

Marsha Huber, Margaret Kern and David Law

“Mastery and Meaning at Work and School”

Erin Reid

“Breadwinners and Power Couples: Men’s Professional Identities and their Wives’ Careers”

8:15-9:15                   Jamboree Session 3

Justin Berg

“Callings and Creativity”

Marc Lavine and Kim Cameron

“Making Meaning about Leadership Development: How Might We Think about Strengths and Weaknesses?”

Chris Myers

“Towards a Relational Model of Vicarious Learning in Organizations”

Kira Schabram

“Purpose and Connection at Work”

9:15- ?                       Fun & Games (or sleep for the weary!)

Wednesday, June 12

6:30-8:30                   Early Morning Hike/Swim for the Hardy

8:30-9:00                   Breakfast

9:00-10:00                 Maddy Ong, Leigh Tost and Dave Mayer

“Does Working for a Socially Organization Make Employees More or Less Prosocial? The Role of Work Meaning in Reconciling the Moral Licensing Versus Consistency Debate”

10:00-11:00               Monique Valcour, Anne Bardoel, Ariane Ollier-Malaterre

                      “Flex for Success: How Flexibility Facilitates Work-Life Balance Satisfaction”

11:00-11:15               Break

11:15- 12:15              Jamboree Session 4

Michel Anteby, Andras Tilcsik and Carly Knight

“Is There Anything Like a Gay or Lesbian Job?”

Matthew Fox and Kim Wade-Benzoni

“Not Even Past: Using Legacy Narratives to Restore Purpose After Discontinuous Career Transitions”

Alex Romney

“A Call to Voice”

Heather Vough and Brianna Caza

“Empirically Testing Missed Promotions: Integrating a Sensemaking and Coping Perspective”

12:15- 1:15                Scott Sonenshein     

“Prosocial Competition in the Gourmet Mobile Food Unit Industry”           

1:15-3:00                   Lunch and Free Time

3:00-4:00                   Frank Martela

“The Dynamics of the Caring Encounter: The Art of Embodied Mutuality Organizational Life”

4:00-5:00                   Jamboree Session 5

Marya Besharov and Wendy Smith

“Multiple Logics in Organizations”

Brianna Caza and Sherry Moss

“Scrappy Workers: Ultimate Career Crafters Experience Meaning by Expressing Multiple Identities”

Carrie Oelberger

“From a Calling to a Career: Role Negotiation and the Balancing Act Between Private Lives and Public Service”

5:00-5:15                   Break

5:15-6:15                   Jamboree Session 6

Jeff Bednar

“Legacies in Organizations”

Steve Fellows

“Self-Narratives in Role Transitions Between Technical and Managerial Work”

Doug Lepisto

“Exploring Cultural Processes of Meaningful Work”

Jennifer Petriglieri

“When Selves Fall Apart: The Role of Identity Enactment in Organizational Reidentification”

 6:15-7:15                  Dinner

7:15-8:15                   Reflections on MMM x 10               

8:15-?                        Fun and Games (or sleep for the weary)

9:00                           Snacks

Thursday,June 15

6:30-8:30                   Early Morning Hike/Swim for the Hardy

8:30-9:00                   Breakfast

9:00-10:00                 Alison Gerber

“Priceless: Decommensuration in Artistic Practice”           

10:00- 11:00              Jacoba Lilius, Emily Heaphy and Elana Feldman

                               “Reporting from the Frontlines: How Client Interactions Shape Voice Behavior”

11:00- 11:15              Break

11:15- 12:15              Christopher Michaelson

“Meaningful Work and Moral Responsibility”

12:15- 12:45              Group Discussion of Meeting Themes, Puzzles, and Insights

12:45-1:30                 Lunch and Goodbyes


Michel Anteby Harvard University Frank Martela Aalto University 
Jean Bartunek Boston College David Mayer University of Michigan
Jeff Bednar University of Michigan Christopher Michaelson University of St. Thomas
Justin Berg University of Pennsylvania Sherry Moss Wake Forest University
Marya Besharov Cornell University Christopher Myers University of Michigan
John Bingham Brigham Young University Carrie Oelberger Stanford University
Lindsey Cameron University of Michigan Madeline Ong University of Michigan
Brianna Caza Griffith University Jennifer Petriglieri INSEAD
Katy DeCelles University of Toronto Ned Powley Naval Postgraduate School
Shasa Dobrow London School of Economics Mike Pratt Boston College
Jane Dutton University of Michigan Ryan Quinn Brigham Young University
Steven Fellows Boston University Erin Reid Boston University
Matthew Fox Duke University Alex Romney University of Utah
Lyndon Garrett University of Michigan Brent Rosso Montana State University
Alison Gerber Yale University Kira Schabram University of British Columbia
Ante Glavas Notre Dame University Wendy Smith University of Delaware
Ashley Hardin University of Michigan Scott Sonenshein Rice University
Emily Heaphy Boston University JP Stephens Case Western Reserve University
Marsha Huber Youngstown State University Leigh Tost University of Michigan
Shirli Kopelman University of Michigan Monique Valcour EDHEC
Marc Lavine University of Massachusetts Boston Heather Vough McGill University
Doug Lepisto Boston College Kristina Workman University of Michigan
Jacoba Lilius Queens University Monica Worline Compassion Lab/Vervago
Sally Maitlis University of British Columbia Amy Wrzesniewski Yale University
Delia Mannen ESADE    


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