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The Meaning Microcommunity was born in December 2003 at a POS Conference in a working session on meaning, when several scholars interested in meaning in work and organizations came together and decided to meet up again to talk about their research. In May 2004 the first May Meaning Meeting was held at the University of Michigan, and a meeting has been held each year since then; the links on the left will give more information on each year’s meeting. Faculty and doctoral students from across the country gather to share their research and gain a better understanding of how employees experience meaning in and at work. The group has yielded new collaborations and exchanges of ideas among an ever-growing set of active researchers.  Broadly speaking, the Meaning Microcommunity includes members who study the following topics:

Individual Aspects of Meaning-Making

  • The role of individual orientations in meaning-making
  • Multiple identities and attachments in meaning-making
Interpersonal Aspects of Meaning-Making
  • The role of interpersonal connections and relationships in experiences of meaning
  • The co-creation of meaning by employees
Contextual Aspects of Meaning Making
  • The influence of the organizational context on experiences of meaning
  • The pathways through which employees draw on psychological resources available in the context
Outcomes of Meaning
  • The influence of meaning-making affect the experiences of individuals, groups, and organizations

MMM - 2008 - Texas Ranch Life

We invite you to explore the ideas generated from our work by looking through the presentations and references offered here.  If you have any questions or feedback, please feel free to contact us.


Amy WrzesniewskiYale School of Management
Professor of Organizational Behavior

Rob BartholomewYale School of Management
Organizational Behavior, Coordinator


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